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full-time classic philology major
enthusiast of the pretty & eldritch

enby (demigirl) ; she/her - they/them ;
costa rica ; español & english ; aromantic/asexual

what are you?
something like a fae sleeping on the shore of a creek; pastel skies and way too many stars; a face in stained glass windows; sitting on a rock and watching waterfalls for hours; matron of death and dreams; that feeling that craves the forest; fancy words mixed with lots of cursing; wings coming from your shoulder blades; deer antlers coming from your skull; mirage cottages in the middle of nowhere; endless flower meadows; flooded fancy houses; hidden rivers you hear first and then see; strong wind that blows your coat off; mirror-like lakes disturbed by a randrop and made to sparkle; running alongside wolves; sunshowers; blue hours bird chirping; platonic i love you's; the sun making patterns as it comes through lace curtains; lesser constellations; soft & sharp; coughing up butterflies; an arch of seven moons in the sky; sunlight through tree leaves; the longer you stay in the room the more flowers grow; black cats yawning

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novellas / novels.

  • THREE GIRLS WHO CRIED WOLF: we follow the lives of best friends iris ibarra, winnie gil and maree peña after they find and adopt (and become) wolves.

  • FROM THE MOUTHS WITH NO TONGUE: marjorie de los ángeles is a witch who lives in small town princesa gloria, when a string of murders begin to happen people are all too eager to blame her family.

  • FANTASYBANE: a mad scientist engages in human experimentation to show concepts of fantasy can be a reality, as told by said experiments.


  • MARIPAZ & THEO: always lowkey working on it because it brings me comfort. it’s that same old story of two people finding each other and choosing each other… with a bit of emotional baggage and a bit of some good ol’ tropes like rivals-to-friends-to-lovers. there are quite a few aus but canon includes superpowers. SMALL GODS is a high school au, i listened to "roman holiday" by halsey too many times.


  • SPEAK, PROPHECY: when the brother of modern day prophet rené luna turns out responsible for a death, a domino effect begins that will make senior year quite a time.

  • BRACKEN LUNGS: sorrel borja died, then she undied and woke up in the town's local forest. doesn't know what to do with herself or the forest co-hosting her body.

  • THE WALK OF EURYDICE: a modern retelling of the myth of orpheus & eurydice. thea bautista, a classics major, meets the ghost of dylan james who's been dead for as long as she has been alive.

  • IN THE WILD LIFE GARDEN: to try and salvage her family from debt vienna aderyn, her sister, and cousin engage in clandestine dragon fights.

  • COUGHING ROSES: during the end of the world, fae velásquez, jo czerny, mia newpark and rafael ocampo decide to embark on a roadtrip to choose how they are going to die.

  • BARRIO ÁNGELES: a small town in a slightly askew costa rica where live children of angels, and how it regrettably ended up worshipping.

  • ANATOMY OF SHADOWS: high fantasy set in a world where the sky bends towards the earth and people's shadows take the shape of gigantic beasts. misha venpua and clara western have their shadows stolen and embark on a journey to get them back.

  • THE ORCHARD COMMONWEALTH: every year the prophetess of the all-girls boarding announces which of the students is to die by accident and which is to be killed as sacrifice.

  • DISASTERS TO SLEEP TROUGH: while marilú's sister is off dealing with a messy divorce she leaves her with her niece in the lighthouse where she works and has lived in for nearly ten years.

  • ASTRAL CONVERGENCE: a modern take on greek mythology. artemis and apollo, now assassins, are hired to kill the king of the gods: their father, zeus.


  • APOLOGISE, YOU HAVE MY EYES: cordelia scott is dead, romeo and echo are to blame. set in a world plagued by creatures that steal people's eyes and where magic is just common enough.

  • THE MOON LIKE A THIN SMILE: a modern story of orion and artemis set during the first ever winter, when the world is still feeling the aftermath of the titanomachy.

  • OH, GLORY!: set in a modern world. when clio, muse of history, asks for respite from her life kratos, god of strength, can only offer one night — he has to be back by zeus's side in the morning.

  • TO THE ANIMAL BELLY: ezra adopts a little girl who refuses to see them as her new family, and so they find a way to bond through the acclaimed fights of titan animals.

  • THE END OF US, BABY!: a group of monster hunters are stuck in a rut when their de facto leader brings his girlfriend back from the dead.

shot stories.
this list is more for me than for you. i am forgetful.

  • WOLF MOTHER: luna, a white wolf, takes the role of mother in the unfortunate circumstances of twins juno and andy altamirano. which concerns their situation of family neglect and the abuse from the boy living next door.

  • A METAMORPHOSIS: eden is part of a project of human experimentation, in the morning they will be put through metamorphosis and lose their memory again.

  • SUNFLOWER: cousins flor and sol move to a supposedly haunted house in the country which causes flor to retch flowers and sol to cry sunlight.

  • THE WEDDING OF MISS FOX: miss fox, an animal bride, mends her foxskin and herself among a colony of rabbits after escaping her husband.

  • DO THE WORLD A FAVOUR: samuel o'dwyer found a fae changeling in the forest. ten years later, he's driving her in his mum's stolen car to places she can't remember but hopes will bring her home.

  • PASS THE CLASS NOTES ON HARUSPEX: short story THE ORCHARD COMMONWEALTH expands on. dark academia girls in a boarding school with a cult led by one of their classmates, a prophetess.

  • AT THE END OF THE WORLD I'LL EAT YOU: eldritch creatures are spilling into our reality, and meanwhile miriam lobo won't stop having the same nightmare where she tears her brother apart with her teeth.

  • HOMEWARD AND BOUND: ocean and hannah are trying to leave their creepy hometown after visiting their family for a funeral, taking hannah's niece and ocean's dog with them in the backseat.

  • OBSCURATUS LUPUS: a little girl adopts a black wolf cub she found in the woods... and as time passes the cub doesn't seem to stop growing.


  • A QUIET FIREFLY: personal podcast where i talk books, writing, and any other variety of topics that interest me

  • GATHERING DUST: his dark materials podcast co-hosted with @subtlesilvertongue where we go through the bbc series episode by episode and also discuss dæmonism

  • LITTLE GODS! LITTLE GODS!: podcast hosted by a classics major (myself) and an actual greek person (mara), where we sit down and discuss media based on greek mythology and literature


  • ¿QUÉ PASA, CALABAZA? media noche buries and unburies bones in a pumpkin patch filled with talking jack-o’-lanterns. halloween 2020. // medium & wattpad

  • ASTRAL CONVERGENCE. various gods and mortals want zeus dead... so they ask the twins, apollo and artemis, to kill him. there is just one problem, and it isn’t that zeus is their father, it’s that it is hard to target the king of the gods. // read chapter one

  • THE HAPPY ENDING. it’s been two years since maripaz left with barely a goodbye and now that she’s reunited with theo they decide to give each other another try. // medium

  • UNDERSIDE OF MY TONGUE. escapril 2020 collection of flash fiction stories centered around modernised greek mythology and new testament, botanic body horror, and fairy tales. // ao3 & wattpad

  • WHAT THE SUN TASTES LIKE. escapril 2021 collection of flash fiction stories centered around modernised greek mythology, literary classics, applied voidpunk aesthetic, and fairy tales. // ao3 & wattpad